Some guy in Japan took a Porsche 930 and swapped in an LS7. If you are mumbling to yourself “that’s seven liters of madness”, bingo you are correct sir. I’m not sure what year car this is, but this vintage 911/930 is a bit tricky to drive on the edge. They are rear-engined (of course) and have a good bit of rear weight balance. If you grew up in the era of ABS and traction control and electronic nannies, a swapped car like this definitely isn’t for you.

I’ve heard this thing can turn some impressive lap times. That stands to reason when you consider it’s a claimed 2200 lbs and about 540 hp. It has gi-normous brakes, big sticky tires, and all the suspension and interior upgrades needed to go fast and nasty.

The rear wing personifies badass. Yeah, you can but a huge wing on anything. But a WRX or any other Japanese go-fast-mobile just doesn’t have a the credibility this 930 does.

A Renegade Hybrids V8 conversion kit was used, along with headers and a custom titanium exhaust. The interior looks like a nice place to do some work. Imagine revving this thing up and dumping the clutch with the grip of some 315mm wide Hoosiers on the back. The traction probably rivals that of some all wheel drive cars.


News of this beast comes to us from SpeedHunters.

911 Turns Beastly