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1989 Ford Mustang GT Anniversary May 28, 2013 | 03:45 pm

Fox-body Mustangs were enormously popular in the 80’s and 90’s. It seemed like everybody in my high school either had a Mustang or wanted one. They are far from perfect cars, with several known design flaws and issues, but they are a ton of fun.

The 5.0L v8 of this era put out around 225 hp. Compare that to about 420 hp for modern Mustang GT’s, and we begin to realize some progress has been made. The 89 GT was quoted in Motor Trend as doing 0-60 mph in about 6.2 secs, with a 14.8 sec quarter mile. Many of the Mustang aficionados will grumble about those numbers, saying these cars are super easy to modify for several dozen more horsepower. But don’t shoot the messenger!

The 5.0L is very torquey and easy to drive, making these cars great to play around with as a daily driver. The interiors are nothing special, but have a unique vintage look so having a clean example makes it cool.

Speaking of clean examples, Ebay has this clean one with only a few minor blemishes. With a current bid of $5,550, it would be an awesome car to go play around in.

mustang GTmustang GTMustang GTMustang GT Mustang GTMustang GT

According to the seller:

This is a 1989 Mustang GT 5.0. 25th Anniversary. 5.0L V8 with 5 speed. There are about 105,000 original miles on the car. The car is Deep Shadow blue with the titanium gray bottom. The car is all stock except for the cat-back Magnaflow exhaust, drop in K&N air filter and rear end gear ratio(3.73). The other things that have been changed/upgraded are the LX tail lights and clear 6 piece headlight set. The car has been completely repainted about 3 years ago. This car has had a lot of freshening up done to it in the past 3 years (listed below). This car has had almost a completely new interior in it too. It runs and drives fantastic! Car has power windows, power locks, power mirrors and factory sunroof. The A/C has been converted to R134. It is charged and COLD! This Mustang has a set of original Ford factory Pony wheels that are in great shape. The front tires are brand new and rear tires are about new with 85% tread remaining. I will attempt to give an accurate as possible condition of this car as the car does have some minor flaws. There is a ding/chipped paint on edge of hood (something fell out of hands when walking by the car in the garage), passenger side lower ground skirt has chip and has been touched up though, rear hatch has small raised bump spot and at some point in the past someone broke in through the hatch and when car was repainted they never fixed the under side where the lock retainer clip is. You can’t see it unless the hatch is open and are looking for it, it doesn’t effect the operation or function of hatch or lock at all. Passenger side black trim has some small chips in it and the factory radio doesn’t light up very good anymore. All these noted issues are pictured below so you can see for yourself what I’m referring to. These cars are becoming extremely rare and this is one really nice all around car. Thanks for your looking and good luck bidding!

All new items:


New Paint
New Clear head light set
New front tires
New window sill trim
New door seal weather stripping
New LED license plate bulbs


New headliner
New door panels
New door speaker grills
New door handle trim
New drivers door lock actuator
New carpet
New front and rear seat upholstery
New hatch shocks

Other New items-

New O2 sensors
New Battery (year ago)
New K&N air filter
New radiator

With 100k Mustangs produced in 1988 and again in 1989, and about 85k in 1990, there should be enough out there to find something worth buying.

1958 Volvo PV445 Rat Rod May 27, 2013 | 01:47 pm

Wow, I don’t think there’s a single thing on this rat rod that isn’t custom. It’s always fascinating to see something like this for sale, considering the hundreds of hours the builder must’ve put into it. Hundreds and hundreds of little touches that were added, modified, or built from scratch.

It started out as a 1958 Volve 445 Duett van from California. In order to lower the car, the builder fattened the front fenders by 2″ to clear the wheels and tires. Modified radiator support for larger cooling package. Custom hood with custom hinges and latch. Completely custom interior, with tons of sound deadening, and special lights. Custom fiberglass ducts were made for the HVAC. Custom 4-link rear suspension, tons of frame modifications required to fit the blown LS1 engine, auto tranny, and suspension in there.

This thing has 540 hp at the wheels and goes 11.2 in the quarter mile. It has been street driven to the tune of 8k miles. Amazing.

There’s lot of unfinished stuff here. For example, it’s outfitted with a Vintage Air AC system, but it doesn’t work. It has a nice stereo, but one of the speakers doesn’t work. I guess my point is, a rat rod by definition isn’t a polished, perfect vehicle that you’re afraid to drive. But in the case of this rod, there are some things that are installed and there but don’t work.

rat rod 1rat rod 2rat rod 3rat rod 4rat rod 5rat rod 6rat rod 7rat rod 8rat rod 9rat rod 10

Currently for sale on ebay for $15,800.

1972 Datsun 240Z Race Car May 26, 2013 | 12:46 pm

Although you only have about an hour left to bid on this car on ebay, I couldn’t resist posting it up. It’s very unique and looks to be in great condition given its age and profession.

Seller says:

1972 Datsun 240Z race car. This car is owned by the same person 28 years. This is a highly modified car built for earlier competition in Eastern Motor Racing Association (EMRA) and SCCA autocross events. It has spent its life running track day events with PDA and a number of other driving schools in the New York area. This is a former Bridgehampton EMRA Time Trial Car (won the Drivers Championship for GT2) and SCCA FP class autocross car. Since Bridgehampton, it was used exclusively at Pocono, Lime Rock, and Watkins Glen. The car is uni-body with tube chassis construction, all other panels are fiberglass. The heart of the car is a 3.1 liter competition motor built by L.A.B. Machine in Lindenhurst NY. It’s fitted with 44 mm Mikuni’s, Electromotive Ignition, Datsun Competition Oil Pan, 5 Speed, and R200 rear. It has all the correct parts for this type of service, Tilton Fly Wheel, ATL Fuel Cell, fully adjustable suspension, wildwood brakes, etc. The interior was fitted with the best available components, Recaro, Momo Simpson, and Autometer. The car construction and condition is fully documented. Every component in the construction is detailed right down to the wiring schematic. Log records for every event including engine performance tests are also documented. This is a carefully constructed, highly modified car. It needs nothing more than the pre-event inspection and typical brake service before another track event. All of which is also documented. Contact me with any questions and thank you for looking.I’m adding more pictures of the cage because a few people have asked. The cage passes thru the firewall and triangulates at the base of the A pillar. Very strong, copied from the bible (How to Hot Rod and Race your Datsun) and years of track experience studying cars built better than mine. Thanks for all the interest.

It looks and sounds like he has set this car up to be a ton of fun. I’d love to know what it weighs with the extensive weight reduction and the mega-cage. It would also be interesting to know how competitive it is. I’ve never seen wheels like that before. The big risk with old Datsuns is always rust. There’s no mention of that in the ad, but looking through the spectacular photos, I would think it’s not a problem. Good luck to the seller. If I can remember, I’ll come back and update the post with the final selling price.

Incidentally, the bad part about posting cars is that I end up wanting them for my own!

240z Race Car Pic 4240z Race Car pic 3240z Race Car pic 6240z Race Car pic 7240z Race Car Pic 8240z Race Car pic 1240z Race Car pic 2240z Race Car Pic 5240Z Race Car pic 9240z Race Car Pic 10

1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v May 26, 2013 | 12:06 pm

I found this car on the VWVortex forum. It looks like it has already sold, which isn’t surprising given it’s condition.

Seller indicates:

1988 Vw Scirocco 16v with only 72k original miles, 5spd, am/fm/cass, a/c, pwr window, pwr doorlock, sunroof, everything in perfect condition. A true collector. No dings, scratches, accidents, or repaints. Showroom condition, garaged since day 1, ” BBS Wheels are not included “. Asking $7,500. Factory bumpers and wheels will be provided. Yes, it’s been stored in LA California and not driven, and it’s taken up the space in my garage. I have got way too many cars and I need to free up some space.

The word Scirocco comes from a wind that comes across the Saharan desert and reaches near-hurricane force speeds in Southern Europe. The 1st generation went on sale in N America in 1975. The 2nd generation went from 1982-1988, but I don’t think it was sold here in the states that long. It wasn’t until 1986 that the 16-valve model was produced. Like the Golf GTI version and the Jetta GLI version, the 16-valve was a sportier, souped-up version of the regular car. Most importantly, output of the 1.8 liter four-cylinder went from 90hp to 123hp. The car also got a full body skirt, larger rear spoiler, and the famous tear-drop wheels.

For a year or two, I drove a 1986 VW Golf. It was a burgundy car, a 5 speed with 4 doors. I’ve found that people tend to memorize the dash/gauge layout in cars they own. The photo of the Scirocco gauges brings that all back like it was just yesterday.

16v VW Scirocco16v VW Scirocco16v VW Scirocco16v VW Scirocco16v VW Scirocco

I started out my autocross “career” in a 16v Scirocco. The engine was a real delight, really coming alive in the upper rev-ranges, with good pulling power down low. The chassis was well-balanced, and could be easily coaxed into rotating with the right inputs. I specifically remember spinning the car in a run where the rear end came around too quickly to save. I also remember myself and two other guys being in a Scirocco on a back road at night, and daring the driver to try and hit 100 mph before a sharp curve at the end of a straight. He did, and then some. They would do 0-60 mph in about 8 secs, pretty snappy for a car of this vintage. Top speed was around 124 mph. In a 2300 lb car, the 10.1″ front disc brakes were considered gigantic, and the 5 speed tranny was a joy.

Did I mention that cool looking unique spoiler on the back hatch that was positioned about 2/3’s of the way down?

Cruising at 80mph on a highway back in the 80’s (when the double-nickle speed limit was enforced) was pretty rare. so these cars are a little noisy and uncomfortable these days. But relatively speaking, they were a real wonder-kid in the 80’s. And they are basically impossible to find these days in good, unmolested condition.

Introduction May 25, 2013 | 08:39 pm

What if you could drive a different car every day? Better yet, what if you were wealthy, and you could buy a different car every day? Yeah, I’m sure you’d get your share of exotics. But if you’re a *real* car guy, you’d mess around with a little bit of everything. So that’s the premise of this site. We’re going to pull in a little bit ‘o everthang.

I grew up in the 80’s, so I may tend to gravitate towards those vehicles. ┬áBut you can always comment me more towards stuff you’re interested in .

If you have suggestions, feel free to email them in.