Wow, I don’t think there’s a single thing on this rat rod that isn’t custom. It’s always fascinating to see something like this for sale, considering the hundreds of hours the builder must’ve put into it. Hundreds and hundreds of little touches that were added, modified, or built from scratch.

It started out as a 1958 Volve 445 Duett van from California. In order to lower the car, the builder fattened the front fenders by 2″ to clear the wheels and tires. Modified radiator support for larger cooling package. Custom hood with custom hinges and latch. Completely custom interior, with tons of sound deadening, and special lights. Custom fiberglass ducts were made for the HVAC. Custom 4-link rear suspension, tons of frame modifications required to fit the blown LS1 engine, auto tranny, and suspension in there.

This thing has 540 hp at the wheels and goes 11.2 in the quarter mile. It has been street driven to the tune of 8k miles. Amazing.

There’s lot of unfinished stuff here. For example, it’s outfitted with a Vintage Air AC system, but it doesn’t work. It has a nice stereo, but one of the speakers doesn’t work. I guess my point is, a rat rod by definition isn’t a polished, perfect vehicle that you’re afraid to drive. But in the case of this rod, there are some things that are installed and there but don’t work.

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Currently for sale on ebay for $15,800.

1958 Volvo PV445 Rat Rod

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