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911 Turns Beastly September 15, 2014 | 01:20 am

Some guy in Japan took a Porsche 930 and swapped in an LS7. If you are mumbling to yourself “that’s seven liters of madness”, bingo you are correct sir. I’m not sure what year car this is, but this vintage 911/930 is a bit tricky to drive on the edge. They are rear-engined (of course) and have a good bit of rear weight balance. If you grew up in the era of ABS and traction control and electronic nannies, a swapped car like this definitely isn’t for you.

I’ve heard this thing can turn some impressive lap times. That stands to reason when you consider it’s a claimed 2200 lbs and about 540 hp. It has gi-normous brakes, big sticky tires, and all the suspension and interior upgrades needed to go fast and nasty.

The rear wing personifies badass. Yeah, you can but a huge wing on anything. But a WRX or any other Japanese go-fast-mobile just doesn’t have a the credibility this 930 does.

A Renegade Hybrids V8 conversion kit was used, along with headers and a custom titanium exhaust. The interior looks like a nice place to do some work. Imagine revving this thing up and dumping the clutch with the grip of some 315mm wide Hoosiers on the back. The traction probably rivals that of some all wheel drive cars. Read the rest of this entry

1997 Acura NSX Race Car June 8, 2013 | 01:00 pm

Here is a thought. Or more like a brain hemorrhage. Buy a 1-of-a-kind NSX race car, do the minimal amount of work required to get it street legal, and drive it to work once a week. Why be boring, right? Every cop in the city would know who you are, and most of them would be too astounded to give you a ticket. The city council might create a new lane just for you to drive in. And angels would sing.

This NSX was built by TCP Racing in England, and is the 11th of 11 chassis that were built just before Honda stopped funding the race program. It has been driven in the 24 Hours of Daytona, and took 3rd in the 1994 24 Hours LeMans. The aluminum chassis was seam welded, and then a carbon fiber tub was bonded to it. That surely stiffened it up mightily. Also has full carbon fiber bodywork and undertray, and a set of centerlock magnesium wheels. They developed the bodywork using wind tunnel testing, and the custom suspension was modeled in an expensive computer simulation program.

See all those spares included in the sale? You won’t need them. Tell your wife you are going to sell them and recoup most of your money. A wiring diagram is included. Frame a few pieces of it and hang it up on your bathroom wall.

This thing is only $119,900. Come on, go raid your 401k and buy it 🙂

nsx picnsx pixacura nsx gearboxspare partsnsx interiormore spare partscustom suspension

1972 Datsun 240Z Race Car May 26, 2013 | 12:46 pm

Although you only have about an hour left to bid on this car on ebay, I couldn’t resist posting it up. It’s very unique and looks to be in great condition given its age and profession.

Seller says:

1972 Datsun 240Z race car. This car is owned by the same person 28 years. This is a highly modified car built for earlier competition in Eastern Motor Racing Association (EMRA) and SCCA autocross events. It has spent its life running track day events with PDA and a number of other driving schools in the New York area. This is a former Bridgehampton EMRA Time Trial Car (won the Drivers Championship for GT2) and SCCA FP class autocross car. Since Bridgehampton, it was used exclusively at Pocono, Lime Rock, and Watkins Glen. The car is uni-body with tube chassis construction, all other panels are fiberglass. The heart of the car is a 3.1 liter competition motor built by L.A.B. Machine in Lindenhurst NY. It’s fitted with 44 mm Mikuni’s, Electromotive Ignition, Datsun Competition Oil Pan, 5 Speed, and R200 rear. It has all the correct parts for this type of service, Tilton Fly Wheel, ATL Fuel Cell, fully adjustable suspension, wildwood brakes, etc. The interior was fitted with the best available components, Recaro, Momo Simpson, and Autometer. The car construction and condition is fully documented. Every component in the construction is detailed right down to the wiring schematic. Log records for every event including engine performance tests are also documented. This is a carefully constructed, highly modified car. It needs nothing more than the pre-event inspection and typical brake service before another track event. All of which is also documented. Contact me with any questions and thank you for looking.I’m adding more pictures of the cage because a few people have asked. The cage passes thru the firewall and triangulates at the base of the A pillar. Very strong, copied from the bible (How to Hot Rod and Race your Datsun) and years of track experience studying cars built better than mine. Thanks for all the interest.

It looks and sounds like he has set this car up to be a ton of fun. I’d love to know what it weighs with the extensive weight reduction and the mega-cage. It would also be interesting to know how competitive it is. I’ve never seen wheels like that before. The big risk with old Datsuns is always rust. There’s no mention of that in the ad, but looking through the spectacular photos, I would think it’s not a problem. Good luck to the seller. If I can remember, I’ll come back and update the post with the final selling price.

Incidentally, the bad part about posting cars is that I end up wanting them for my own!

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