I came across an interesting car on (Phoenix) Craigslist and thought I would post it up here. The ad:

Up for sale: 1978 Datsun 280Z.

It’s a great car and I’m sad to have to sell it, but got bills to pay. Used it as a daily driver, a few days a week, up until 2020. It’s not currently running. The battery died a few months back. There is video of it running, that I can send. It’s in good condition, clean underneath and all the parts are there. Just needs a new battery and a good tune up and it will be back on the road!

2.8l inline-six 5 speed

Only two owners. Original owner out of LA.

Equipped with AC

New differential and trans mounts 2016

Turn signal refurbished 2019

New fuel lines 2022

Dealer installed trim

Original alloy rims

Original radio works! (Took antenna off because it bent)

California emissions

Has all original paperwork. Even the check that the original owner bought it with! Would be a nice display for show car or collector.

Blue California and Arizona plates included

Bonus: 1977 vintage louver (not installed)

The photos:

The photos show a nice, rust free undercarriage and exterior. And it’s honestly hard to believe the interior. He states the car has 317,000 miles on it. I think the dash has a few cracks in it, and there’s a weird chunk missing out of the gearshift knob. But the seats, door panels, and carpets look awesome. Is that original stuff, or was it replaced? Who knows.

$13,000 feels like a lot to pay for a car that doesn’t run. If I were considering purchasing it, I would certainly drive my happy little self over there to look it over, and take a battery with me. I would politely negotiate with the guy BEFORE installing the battery and trying to get it to run. And then if it ran ok, I’d buy it. No sense in tinkering with it, getting it running, and then finding out the owner bumped his price up a few thousand.

But even at $15k, if in good running condition, the car might be worth it. He has the original check from the original owner!

I did email the owner asking if he could send me the video of the car running from a year or two ago.

You can compare that to the restomod 1977 280Z I posted awhile back. They were asking $31.5k for that car, so this brown one is a whole different animal.

Do you think this car would be more fun that say an FRS/BRZ? Of course the Z would be much more unique styling, but for the same money I wonder what would be more satisfying to drive and own…

1978 Datsun 280Z

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