Personally, I believe everything tastes better with ketchup. Along a similar line of thought, pretty much any car is better if you swap in an LSx motor.

Take for instance this 1985 BMW 528i with an LS1 swap. I grew up in the 1980’s, so I always enjoy plonking my rear into a well-maintained 80’s car and enjoying the look and feel. This particular car was offered up for sale several times on ebay and craigslist (this was a few years ago), and I lost track of whether it did or didn’t sell. I think part of the problem was the owner spent $35k and spared no expense in doing the swap.

Economics aside, it really does seem like this thing is one of a kind. Brakes were upgraded to help provide additional stopping power more appropriate for the potent v8. Cool E39 wheels, improved suspension, and apparently a little restoration work on the interior. At the time of the ad postings, it had 130-140k miles on it. Certainly doesn’t look it. What’s a good guess, 375 hp at 3200 lbs? It’s no Ferrari, but whoa that would be a ton of fun!

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